Ticks are another pest species that can be found inside your home and range in a variety of colors and species. Commonly found near wooded and highly vegetated areas, many ticks require moisture to thrive and be able to survive. Ticks are another species that feed off blood including pets like dogs, birds, reptiles and even humans. One of the main reasons ticks can be a very harmful pest is because of the transmission of diseases to humans. Ticks can very easily enter your home via a host such as a pet or even your own family members and clothing. Ticks are one particular type of pest that thrive by living on a host, which means they’ll always be on someone or your pets. It is imperative to check your pests or even family members due to the fact they can spread disease and continue to return and reproduce after a pest control service. Orion Pest Control can help you remove ticks from your home or commercial property by providing state of the art pest control solutions. Call Orion Pest Control today to schedule an appointment at (954) 661-3324.