Not only are spiders known for being creepy and scary, but many spiders contain venomous fluids that can potentially hurt or even kill a person. Spiders can very quickly turn into an infestation as they reproduce at a very fast rate, hiding in your basement or within small spaces throughout your home or office. Spiders feed on smaller insects and even other spiders as well, virtually anything they can feed off. Additionally, spiders are known for creating spider webs, a silk and elastic, adhesive and strong material they use to hang from. Spider webs are another common nuisance that can be found throughout homes that are not only bothersome but unsanitary as well. Spiders primarily enter homes via open windows, doors or cracks throughout the home. Spiders mostly enter the home looking for prey to feed on, but eventually adapt to the environment and establish themselves inside. If you have spiders at your home or business, contact Orion Pest Control to schedule an evaluation and receive a quote. Call us today at (954) 661-3324.