Flies are often found near garbage or near food that was left behind. Like many other pests, flies carry diseases that can potentially affect a person’s health including fever, cholera and hepatitis. The best way to address a fly infestation is to maintain your home or business clean, so sanitation is an important key. With tens of thousands of different species throughout North America, there is a wide variety of fly species that require different approaches to successfully eliminate them and prevent them from returning. Additionally, flies can produce over 1 million offspring in just weeks. Flies are know for being near garbage and unsanitary places, which is a big reason as to why you should address any infestation located at your home or business. Every time a fly lands somewhere, they drop and leave bacteria behind which can become a very overwhelming process for one to address by themselves. Orion Pest Control specializes in the removal of flies and ensures your home or office rids them completely. If you have a fly infestation problem at your home or business, call Orion Pest Control today to schedule an evaluation and receive a quote at (954) 661-3324.