Fleas are commonly know to arrive to a family’s home via pets including dogs. For this reason fleas are one of the most common pests we deal with and can be a nuisance to you and your family. If you have a pet at home, or a dog, this can be a very possible scenario as many times people are unaware their pet is carrying fleas on them. Fleas are known to feed on blood hosts which include pets or humans. They also feed on other critters such as mice and rats which can be another reason you’re unaware they’re present at your home or commercial property. Fleas are known to switch hosts if the host dies or is removed, meaning they force their way to your pets or even family members. It is crucial to take a holistic approach in targeting fleas by adequately eliminating them and sealing off any other potential fleas from coming in you property once again. Furthermore, the elimination of outdoor flea habitats and outdoor hosts is very important to permanently remove them from ever coming back again. Fleas are also very well known for leaving behind eggs and larvae, which are often left behind by pets and dogs, which spread them throughout your environment. This can cause fleas to continue to appear inside your home or commercial property throughout a longer period of time and create a larger and severe infestation. Orion Pest Control has a very extensive background in the elimination and removal of fleas in South Florida. Our trained professionals will come to your home or business and give a thorough inspection and evaluation of your flea infestation. We’ll implement a plan of action to remove the fleas and prevent them from entering again. Call Orion Pest Control at (954) 661-3324 to schedule an appointment and receive a quote.