Cockroaches can measure over 2 inches in length and are often associated with unsanitary conditions. With six legs, two antennae and often times wings, they can be one of the most creepiest and unsanitary pests to have in your home or business. Like other pests, cockroaches carry a variety of diseases because they are commonly found near waste and other garbage deposits. Restaurants are commonly known to have cockroach infestations for this very reason, as food left behind and other waste deposits are what attract these pests. Your home or business is ideal for these pests, as it provides food, water, warmth, and a great environment to nest their eggs. Cockroaches are known to be nocturnal, which make it easy for them to thrive as most people do not see them during the day time and are unaware of their presence. Like many other pests, treating an infested area for cockroaches yourself may only eliminate the cockroaches you presently see, leaving the other cockroaches behind the scenes still alive and the possibility of reproduction. Orion Pest Control can help you eliminate the cockroach-infested area at your home or business. We provide a hands on approach that is very thorough and sure to prevent them from entering your property again in the future. Call Orion Pest Control today at (954) 661-3324.