Probably known to be the most common household pests, ants are found virtually anywhere you can imagine. Ant control can be difficult, especially if you do not implement an adequate pest control solution that will completely eliminate and prevent them from returning. Ants can enter through very small cracks all throughout your home or business, in search for food and water, particularly sweet or greasy food. Not only do ants infiltrate one’s kitchen, they can also be found anywhere food is present. Whether it be dining room, living room, bedroom or upstairs, any place containing food, is a potential area where ants will target. Ants are known to reproduce at an extremely fast rate and can be in colonies of up to 500,000. Additionally, ants are one of the most long lasting pests, living for up to several years, and queen ants living up to 15 years. Its important to hire a professional pest control company to exterminate ants adequately, as killing ants yourself will only result in the extermination of the ants you see presently. Call Orion Pest Control today and receive a thorough extermination of ants at your home or business. Call us today at (954) 661-3324.