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A full service pest control company capable of satisfying all of your pest control needs in a timely and professional manner. We offer a wide variety of Pest & Termite control alternatives and all of our services are conducted with pride and conviction of a job well done.

Pest Control
Orion Pest Control Services specializes in full service pest control solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Orion Pest Control Services is located in Broward
county, Florida and services all of south Florida.
Lawn Control
Orion Pest Control offers complete lawn control services and provides a thorough application which covers major turf destroying insects including weed control, disease control and fertilization.
Termite Control
We offer a very comprehensive and thorough termite control service that will continue to protect your home or business against all termites all year round. Our specialists
will strategically install and service your area to deliver fast and effective control.
Rodent Control
Orion Pest Control can help eliminate all rodent infestations in your home or business property by applying effective, state of the art strategies that rapidly eliminate most rodent infestations very quickly.


Bed bugs are some of the most commonly found pests that invade homes. They can come inside your home from the outside with little or no trace of them until they’ve reproduced tremendously and created an infestation inside your home or business. However, there are several ways to target and completely eliminate bed bugs from entering your home of commercial property again and prevent them from coming again in the future. Orion Pest Control specializes in the removal of bed bugs and ensure these pests don’t infiltrate your property again. Bed bugs are small, flat brown/ red insects that measure up to 4-5 mm long in size. They feed on blood, including yours, and can live up to a year without consuming food, which makes it one of the most common and annoying pests to deal with. Bed bugs can be found in cracks, particularly in mattresses, sheets, furniture, electrical outlets and many other common places throughout your home or commercial property. Additionally, bed bugs are known for reproducing at a very accelerated rate. Female deposits range from one to five eggs and hundreds throughout their life span. Bed bugs feed on blood, and consequently are known to biting humans which cause different reactions contingent on the person.

Orion Pest Control specializes in the extermination and removal of bed bugs in your home or commercial property. Early detection is crucial when dealing with bed bugs as they are known for multiplying quickly. We do a thorough evaluation of your property and effectively implement our strategy to remove bed bugs and prevent them from returning in the future. Call Orion Pest Control today to receive a quote at (954) 661-3324.


Fleas are commonly know to arrive to a family’s home via pets including dogs. For this reason fleas are one of the most common pests we deal with and can be a nuisance to you and your family. If you have a pet at home, or a dog, this can be a very possible scenario as many times people are unaware their pet is carrying fleas on them. Fleas are known to feed on blood hosts which include pets or humans. They also feed on other critters such as mice and rats which can be another reason you’re unaware they’re present at your home or commercial property. Fleas are known to switch hosts if the host dies or is removed, meaning they force their way to your pets or even family members. It is crucial to take a holistic approach in targeting fleas by adequately eliminating them and sealing off any other potential fleas from coming in you property once again. Furthermore, the elimination of outdoor flea habitats and outdoor hosts is very important to permanently remove them from ever coming back again. Fleas are also very well known for leaving behind eggs and larvae, which are often left behind by pets and dogs, which spread them throughout your environment. This can cause fleas to continue to appear inside your home or commercial property throughout a longer period of time and create a larger and severe infestation.

Orion Pest Control has a very extensive background in the elimination and removal of fleas in South Florida. Our trained professionals will come to your home or business and give a thorough inspection and evaluation of your flea infestation. We’ll implement a plan of action to remove the fleas and prevent them from entering again. Call Orion Pest Control at (954) 661-3324 to schedule an appointment and receive a quote.


Ticks are another pest species that can be found inside your home and range in a variety of colors and species. Commonly found near wooded and highly vegetated areas, many ticks require moisture to thrive and be able to survive. Ticks are another species that feed off blood including pets like dogs, birds, reptiles and even humans. One of the main reasons ticks can be a very harmful pest is because of the transmission of diseases to humans. Ticks can very easily enter your home via a host such as a pet or even your own family members and clothing. Ticks are one particular type of pest that thrive by living on a host, which means they’ll always be on someone or your pets. It is imperative to check your pests or even family members due to the fact they can spread disease and continue to return and reproduce after a pest control service.

Orion Pest Control can help you remove ticks from your home or commercial property by providing state of the art pest control solutions. Call Orion Pest Control today to schedule an appointment at (954) 661-3324.


Not only are spiders known for being creepy and scary, but many spiders contain venomous fluids that can potentially hurt or even kill a person. Spiders can very quickly turn into an infestation as they reproduce at a very fast rate, hiding in your basement or within small spaces throughout your home or office. Spiders feed on smaller insects and even other spiders as well, virtually anything they can feed off. Additionally, spiders are known for creating spider webs, a silk and elastic, adhesive and strong material they use to hang from. Spider webs are another common nuisance that can be found throughout homes that are not only bothersome but unsanitary as well. Spiders primarily enter homes via open windows, doors or cracks throughout the home. Spiders mostly enter the home looking for prey to feed on, but eventually adapt to the environment and establish themselves inside.

If you have spiders at your home or business, contact Orion Pest Control to schedule an evaluation and receive a quote. Call us today at (954) 661-3324.


Rodents can be a very challenging pest to deal with in most homes and can present a serious danger to your family. They frequently colonize in attics, under concrete and porches, behind walls, burrows and other places throughout your home. Additionally, rodents, including rats, can transfer serious diseases that can affect your health. They also introduce parasites which also contain disease and further infestation. Most rodents invade homes with the purpose to seek food and shelter, all while contaminating the environment they thrive in. With hundreds and even thousands of different species that exist, south Florida is no exception to this invasive species.

Orion Pest Control provides a very thorough and penetrating pest control solution that will completely eliminate and remove all rodents from your home or office. Give us a call today to schedule an evaluation and receive a quote at (954) 661-3324.


Cockroaches can measure over 2 inches in length and are often associated with unsanitary conditions. With six legs, two antennae and often times wings, they can be one of the most creepiest and unsanitary pests to have in your home or business. Like other pests, cockroaches carry a variety of diseases because they are commonly found near waste and other garbage deposits. Restaurants are commonly known to have cockroach infestations for this very reason, as food left behind and other waste deposits are what attract these pests. Your home or business is ideal for these pests, as it provides food, water, warmth and a great environment to nest their eggs. Cockroaches are known to be nocturnal, which make it easy for them to thrive as most people do not see them during the day time and are unaware of their presence. Like many other pests, treating an infested area for cockroaches yourself may only eliminate the cockroaches you presently see, leaving the other cockroaches behind the scenes still alive and the possibility of reproduction.

Orion Pest Control can help you eliminate the cockroach infested area at your home or business. We provide a hands on approach that is very thorough and sure to prevent them from entering your property again in the future. Call Orion Pest Control today at (954) 661-3324.


Flies are often found near garbage or near food that was left behind. Like many other pests, flies carry diseases that can potentially affect a person’s health including fever, cholera and hepatitis. The best way to address a fly infestation is to maintain your home or business clean, so sanitation is an important key. With tens of thousands of different species throughout North America, there is a wide variety of fly species that require different approaches to successfully eliminate them and prevent them from returning. Additionally, flies can produce over 1 million offspring in just weeks. Flies are know for being near garbage and unsanitary places, which is a big reason as to why you should address any infestation located at your home or business. Every time a fly lands somewhere, they drop and leave bacteria behind which can become a very overwhelming process for one to address by themselves.

Orion Pest Control specializes in the removal of flies and ensures your home or office rids them completely. If you have a fly infestation problem at your home or business, call Orion Pest Control today to schedule an evaluation and receive a quote at (954) 661-3324.


Probably known to be the most common household pests, ants are found virtually anywhere you can imagine. Ant control can be difficult, especially if you do not implement an adequate pest control solution that will completely eliminate and prevent them from returning. Ants can enter through very small cracks all throughout your home or business, in search for food and water, particularly sweet or greasy food. Not only do ants infiltrate one’s kitchen, they can also be found anywhere food is present. Whether it be dining room, living room, bedroom or upstairs, any place containing food, is a potential area where ants will target. Ants are known to reproduce at an extremely fast rate and can be in colonies of up to 500,000. Additionally, ants are one of the most long lasting pests, living for up to several years, and queen ants living up to 15 years. Its important to hire a professional pest control company to exterminate ants adequately, as killing ants yourself will only result in the extermination of the ants you see presently.

Call Orion Pest Control today and receive a thorough extermination of ants at your home or business. Call us today at (954) 661-3324.


Mosquitos are some of the most annoying pests people deal with on a regular basis. Whether you’re outside in your backyard or inside your own home, mosquitos are blood thirsty pests that suck blood and leave an itching feeling that can be painful. Mosquitos suck on blood to generate their eggs and create an even larger infestation in your home or business, which is why its important to properly exterminate them and prevent them from returning in the future. Mosquitos are often confused with flies is very apparent which is which by their bites which cause painful after effects. Additionally, mosquitos are very well known for carrying viruses such as the West Nile Virus and malaria. However, mosquitos are more commonly known for being bothersome (and painful) in family events rather than your health, particularly here in the states.

South Florida is a mecca for mosquitos, as the weather is ideal for these pests to flourish and thrive on. Orion Pest Control has a very extensive background dealing with these pests all throughout south Florida’s hot and humid weather. Contact Orion Pest Control today to receive a free quote and schedule an evaluation at (954) 661-3324.


Termites live mostly underground and inside the walls of your home or commercial property. Although you probably will not see the actual termites, they can be very detrimental to your property as they can eat away and physically affect your home or business. Some signs of termite presence can range from termite droppings (small, ridged wood-like pellets), mud tubes on an exterior surface and tiny wings that are shredded near the entrance of your home or business. Many times people are not aware of a termite infestation so we suggest to hire a trained professional that is experienced in the detection and removal of these pests.

Orion Pest Control will send a trained professional to your home or commercial property to evaluate your property. We will perform a thorough inspection and evaluate your property before servicing and inform you of what’s going on. We utilize state of the art equipment and specific strategies to thoroughly remove termites and prevent them from coming back again. Call Orion Pest Control today to receive a quote at (954) 661-3324.


Orion Pest Control technicians are certified experts for bee removal in South Florida. We specialize in the fast and effective removal of bees in your home or commercial property. We specialize in the control and complete removal of bee hives and warming bees throughout south Florida. Bee swarming occurs all throughout the year in south Florida because of the weather conditions they can adapt to. Bee colonies usually travel in large groups in search of a permanent hive where they can thrive and produce honey. South Florida weather allows for these pests to establish themselves in your own backyard or front yard, usually on a tree or side of your house. Bees can be very harmful as they can sting you and cause an allergic reaction that can be critical to one’s health. Its important to hire a trained professional with experience in the removal and extermination of bees. Orion Pest Control technicians are certified and trained to offer a complete removal of bees in your home or commercial property in Broward county, Miami Dade and throughout south Florida.

Call Orion Pest Control today and schedule an at home evaluation and pest control service to remove bees from your property. Call us today at (954) 661-3324.


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We have a problem with Carpenter Bees and I called your company for help. Orion Pest Control Man came out and was on time, professional, reasonable, and a very good representation for your company. You should be proud of your company's response. I know that does not come easy, or do compliments come often. Man does a great job for you and we are now signed up for an annual service contract. Your hard work is well received!


Orion Pest Control was a real pleasure to work with and we are most knowledgeable about every aspect of the job. We gave thorough explanations of the treatment process, answered all of our questions and made sure that we were satisfied in every way.


I hired Orion Pest Control after 2 other companies failed to eliminate an ant problem around my home. Orion Pest Control delivered on what they promised and their service is second to none

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